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What people are saying...

Gaye Pollitt

'A friend told me about Glomedicine and I am soooo glad I went!  Michelle is a great teacher and a lovely woman.  She asked about and was very mindful of a few of my movement restrictions.  Her studio is small, cozy, immaculate and has great old wood floors.  Her music was soothing.  Shall I continue?  I'm so grateful to have found her and am impressed with her generous offer to Seniors.for free instruction. I'll be there both days next week and am really looking forward to it.  If you've wondered about chair yoga, I highly recommend you make the effort and go see Michelle.'

Molly Hodosko

Michelle is an amazing instructor! She is very patient and makes sure that everyone is doing it right. Her relaxing voice that leads you easily into a calm meditative state.

Tracy Kurtenbach

'Michelle is the best. Very knowledgeable and fun. Awesome workout and killer beats. I’m getting back into shape thanks to Michelle.'

Reena Szczepanski 

'Great space, great teacher!

Thanks Michelle!'

Marlene Foster

'Michelle is a great yoga teacher; she is kind and patient and knows her art.  Check out any of her classes, but if you are a senior with mobility issues, she is generously offering her chair yoga free of charge on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon.  Check it out!'

Aaron Martinez

'Michelle Mendonca is a great teacher and understand what my physical needs are by doing various yoga poses. Also challenges me to do the poses where my stiff areas are. It’s good to loosen up and sweat - no pain no gain'

Natalie Smith

'I love Michelle’s Studio. The studio space is beyond lovely. I’m new to yoga and working on some deep physical and spiritual healing. I found Michelle during this process. Michelle is a super experienced yoga teacher. I enjoy ALL of her classes, especially vinyasa flow and restorative class. I feel safe and loved when I’m in Michelle’s class. (This is important to me)
If you haven’t tried her classes, you should! She’s knowledgeable, kind, loving and fun! Come join me sometime and see what I’m talking about.'

Jeremy Cata 

Thank you Michelle Mendonca i really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! it means a lot and pushes me to keep going even stronger! thank you so much!

Donna Gurule

'Michelle is a great instructor: she is knowledgeable, well prepared, friendly and patient. Her studio is clean and well-equipped. Michelle takes into consideration what her clients need/want in terms of classes she offers. Thanks for a great experience, Michelle!'

Teresa Hernandez

We love Michelle at Glomedicine. She does an amazing job teaching my 3 yr granddaughter Lilly how to dance Flamenco. Thank you Michelle.  I appreciate you and Glo for all your knowledge, dedication and love for what you do.

Sheri Parazine

If you have never tried Michelle’s tallow products DO IT! I'm a painter and spend tons of time sanding. #nofingerprints. I’ve tried so many products. The tallow with mag heals my hands every night!

Paul Q. Jones

Michelle Mendonca is an awesome instructor.

Samina Sulmaz

I am so glad to have found you. Thank you so much for the most wonderful time. Dancing with friends is so special and you and Catalina made it even more so! The experience of learning flamenco dance will be the highlight of our trip! 

Johnny Benoit

'If I can do this, anyone can! 15 days ago I woke up early morning and decided to DO something about my physical limitations due to many many lifetime accidents and injuries.

I decided that yoga was the best choice for me being out of shape and weak. I decided to try my friend Michelle’s classes. Michelle is a really wonderful person and teacher. She has a very soothing and relaxing voice guiding you through different stretches and positions, all the while being attentive to your abilities and limitations. Her studio is very comfortable and comes with everything you need to get started on your personal yoga journey.. I highly recommend her classes. Very affordable with discounts on class packages.....
So what are you waiting for? If I can do it Anyone can!'

Erica Scalzo

Check it out! This Tallow balm is the ONLY thing that has been able to help heal my dry desert skin. Itchy, scaly legs, arms and back were driving me crazy. Check out this all-natural traditional healing jar of love!

Linda Lopez Gutierrez

On Yoga. -and to my Michelley

Thank you for creating a space where I feel free, feel safe, can breathe, and flow freely. There is medicine in my movements and magic in my practice, emotions that can't entirely be captured by my vocabulary. On my mat I ask God to remove everything that is not needed inside my soul and to fill me fresh with the Holy Spirit. I'm allowed and encourage to cry. There is nothing else that compares to the prayer of tears rolling down my cheeks. It is heartbreak that has finally insist on being released, overwhelming led by all the grace of my Jesus.

Yoga is what you make of it!

Abrianna Mae

Had some very amazing and much, much needed yoga healing today from the most wonderful yogi, Michelle in her very peaceful and welcoming studio. I feel so amazing after our session today!

Deborah Whalen

Michelle Mendonca is a treasure. 

Michelle you are incredibly gifted as a yoga  teacher. I am blessed to have walked into your studio. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Linda Lopez Gutierrez

This class has been a huge blessing....6 am works great for me. Bonus, it is so early there is no traffic and pleanty of parking. The studio is the perfect temperature and super cute. Michelle is a patient and loving teacher, yet she pushes me to breathe further and deeper into my poses and my practice.

If you are looking for a good way to start your day then I invite you to try this class with me.

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